Center Staff

Center Director

Brenda Jenifer

(732) 393-3501

Oversees daily operations of the Edison Job Corps Center.

Deputy Center Director

Windy White

(732) 393-3502

Oversees daily operations of the Edison Job Corps Center.

Director of Administration

Mohamed Shalal

(732) 393-3503

Oversees maintenance, purchasing, finance, records, food services, and information technology departments.

Director Of Social Development

Valentin Vazquez

(732) 393-3505

Supervises residential staff and dormitory activities.

Director of Education and Training

Tamekco Richardson

(732) 393-3511

Oversees all education and career technical training.

Career Development Services System (CDSS) Director

Lakesha Brantley

(732) 393-3506

Oversees daily operations of the Career Transition Services (CTS) and Counseling departments.

Counseling Manager

Charles Richardson

(732) 393-3515

Oversees the daily operation of the Career Preparation and Career Development phases.

Career Transition Services (CTS) Manager

Tony Taveras

(732) 393-3535

Ensures timely placement and retention of all graduates in new careers and military, education, and training opportunities.

Wellness Manager

Sandra Neary

(732) 393-3507

Responsible for all aspect of the day to day operations in the medical department.

Human Resources Manager

Teresa MacDonald

(732) 393-3504

Hires and trains all staff members as well as ensures that all staff members adhere to Job Corps policies and procedures.

Records Manager

Ana Quiros

(732) 393-3517

Responsible for all accountability reports as well as all other center statistical data. Ensures student data is correct and processed timely.

Center Standards Officer

Kenneth Armwood

(732) 393-3510

Responsible for enforcing all center policies and procedures.

Security/Safety/Transportation Manager

John Quigley

(732) 393-3623

Oversees all facets of the Security, Safety, and Transportation Departments and that the campus is safe for the students, staff, and visitors.

Maintenance Manager

Brian Stoval

(732) 393-3516

Oversees of all maintenance related issues of the center.

Business and Community Liaison

Leslie Burwell

(732) 393-3508

Serves as liaison with the media, local government, business and community at-large. Establishes and promotes business and community partnerships that create employment opportunities for the students.

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Page last updated: Thursday, June 18, 2015